Health insurance: necessary evil?

What is health insurance?

Lately health insurance is considered to be the leading cause for financial ruin for people. No wonder then that some choose to look at it as something evil, because it is a costly decision especially when unexpected challenges occur. Many countries require mandatory health insurance. Of course, no one plans to be sick or experience an accident, but these things do happen and in order to receive the necessary help one must be able to afford it. While in itself, insurance is created as something that makes the hospital bills less expensive and more easy to cover, some people still are shaken to their core at their monthly costs just for the insurance itself.

Without health insurance you might become bankrupt

Medical emergencies are extremely expensive. People in need of medical help during an emergency with no health insurance might find themselves stuck into a massive medical debt with often little ways of help to get out of this mess. One accident on a bike or at home might costs thousands to take care of and the prices could only be rising if the injured person required surgery or therapy. Injuries that take time to heal mean that work will have to be postponed which means lowered income or no income at all. So it is becoming almost impossible to pay for medical emergencies without having medical insurance and while medical insurance might seem like a very expensive necessity, it is placed in your life for a reason. The reason being that you can avoid crippling debt.

With health insurance you are increasing your chances of a longer life

No one likes going to the doctor even if the smallest things are bothering them. However, it is a good feeling that you can see a doctor rather than not being able to do it at all. That applies to the fact that minor issues can very easily turn into something bigger and more troublesome. If you do not hold health insurance you will avoid seeing a doctor for something small, but over the time the small issues turn into something big and scary. Preventative medicine is the best way to avoid that and provide you with a healthy future.

Healthy insurance is a necessity no matter what your age

Many younger people often feel that health insurance is not needed because young age is almost equal to health. However, that is a very unhealthy choice that might cost them more expenses in the near future. Instead everyone should take the time and analyze the costs of insurances available and make the choice that is best suited for them. Even if it is expensive, it is not as expensive as hospital bill for a person who is not insured. If you can afford a meal in a restaurant or a gym membership, then you should be able to afford health insurance. Having said that, health insurance is only a necessity and not a luxury and it truly does not set out to me evil.